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Sophie Turner Nude Pic While Punishing For Wearing A Slutty Dress

Sophie Turner Nude bondage naked punishing pics

“Game of Thrones” star Sophie Turner found out the hard way that us righteous Muslims don’t play around when it comes to women’s fashion, as she was stripped naked, tied up, and severely punished after going out in the slutty dress in the photos below.

Yes Sophie will certainly think twice before she goes out with her sinful milky white side boob on display in a dress that appears to have been designed by some autistic child… Although Sophie was remarkably enthusiastic about being bound naked and flogged.

Actually now that I think about it we may have made a terrible mistake, as Sophie seemed to greatly enjoy her punishment letting out load moans, which at the time I assumed were of discomfort but may have been of pleasure. Also she kept saying “Yes punish your naughty little f*ck slut!”, which I thought was the delusional ramblings of a torture victim, but now in the light of day seem to show that Sophie was deriving perverse gratification from her pain. Clearly the depraved nature of the infidel knows no bounds, and we must come up with more creative ways of teaching whores like Sophie lessons.

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