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Selena Gomez Nipples on See Through Top And Braless

selena gomez Nude nipple show in see through top

Selena Gomez Nipples on See Through Top And Braless

Paparazzi caught Selena Gomez with see through top and braless walking down the Sydney streets! Well it’s maybe chilly in Australia but the pop singer was not feeling the cold.

Selena Gomez is challenging american model and reality star Kendall Jenner by wearing completely see through top without a bra and exposing her tits to the lenses of paparazzi. She was completely comfortable in her clothes, so we think she took the advice of Kendall, and not caring if anyone can see her boobs. Well she has all of our support here in Scandal Planet to care it on with the fashion style that she has chosen!

Selena Gomez Nipples on See Through Top And Braless Pics Below:

We are looking forward for more pics like this, and in the meantime enjoy the pics we provided for you ! By going out with her tit toppers on display Selena Gomez is clearly indicating that she is looking for some action. Unfortunately for her 99{8bb7c68cbb0f97b8c6b5948f57753baef375e319782181c0c559c4519030a38d} of infidel men are flaming homoqueers and the remaining 1{8bb7c68cbb0f97b8c6b5948f57753baef375e319782181c0c559c4519030a38d} are pathetic limp-dick emasculated beta males who couldn’t fuck their way out of a wet paper bag let alone satisfy the fiery loins of a feisty latina woman like Selena.

You better believe that if Selena went out with her boobs hanging out like this in the world, us unimaginably masculine men would bang her hard all night long… Of course we would be banging her with rocks and not our massive man meat, but still the point remains that we’d be sticking it to her good.

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