Katie Holmes


Katie Holmes Nude Scene – “The Gift”

Watch Katie Holmes’ nude scene from the 2000 thriller “The Gift” xxx porn video at Nudeikons.

As you can see “The Gift” has all the makings of a classic erotic film, for it features Katie Holmes getting slapped around and choked out before her lifeless corpse is dumped on top of a log. It is just a shame that Katie had to completely ruin the scene by being topless and flaunting her sinful female boobies.

Yes there are few things us to find more arousing than seeing a whore like Katie Holmes getting her comeuppance. One can only wish that the depraved director of this film would of had the moral fortitude to have stuck to depicting (in detail) Katie’s death as the man’s hands tightened around her neck, instead of focusing on her titties floppy around in the struggle.

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