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Celeb Emma Stone Is Fully Naked In Public (Outdoors)

Celeb Emma Stone Is Fully Naked In Public (Outdoors)

Emma Stone poses fully nude while in the great outdoors in the disturbing photo above.

The Qur’an is very clear that a woman’s body is a shameful thing that must stay covered at all times, including at home and especially when out in public. Brazen nudist whores like Emma Stone defy Allah’s will and get off on freely flaunting their sinful nude flesh out in the open with little thought about the devastating environmental effects.

For it never occurs to a self-absorbed slut like Emma Stone that a righteous bear may happen along and catch a glimpse of her grotesque naked body, and then be overcome with nausea at the horrendous sight and vomit into the river polluting the water. Or if a noble rabbit hopping along sees Emma’s nasty polluted bunny hole and no longer has the will to live, blowing himself up in a fit of despair and igniting a wildfire. Only Allah knows how many natural disasters are the direct result of women like Emma Stone exposing their bare flesh like this, but clerics estimate that the number could be as high as 90{8bb7c68cbb0f97b8c6b5948f57753baef375e319782181c0c559c4519030a38d}.

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